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Face Your Cabinets Kitchen Remodeling and Cabinet Refacing - Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath? If you are ... Face Your Cabinets can provide quality kitchen remodeling at less cost and in less time.

Face Your Cabinets is a service of Cincinnati Kitchens ... a company that has provided the highest quality kitchen / bath cabinetry for both new construction and remodeling in the Cincinnati area. We are a family owned and operated company successfully serving the Cincinnati area since 1987. Visit our showroom, conveniently located just off the I-71 King's Island Exit to see what we have to offer.

LESS EXPENSIVE ... Our Kitchen / Bath refacing projects cost far less money than the "Big Box" retailers" and area refacing companies" due to the fact that we do all the work ourselves using our employees. Because we do not outsource your refacing work to others, we eliminating the huge added "middleman" cost and quality control issues. Neither is there any "Franchise fees" added to your project because we are a full service cabinet company, not a franchise.

TOP KITHCEN / BATH DESIGNERS AVAILABLE TO HELP YOU ... We have Professional kitchen / interior designers to help you SELECT the best refacing components for your kitchen. We do not use high-pressure, in-home sales people to pressure you into an immediate decision ... take your time. Talk to one of our designers, browse the many door / drawers combinations available, try the samples in you kitchen and when you feel comfortable, you can choose to proceed with the project.

LARGEST SELECTION OF DOOR / DRAWER COLORS AND STYLES IN THE CINCINNATI AREA ... Visit our showroom, browse and compare the many door / drawer styles, hardware and counter tops available for your kitchen. Many "Refacing" companies offer "in-home" visits forcing you to select your door / drawer style and hardware from a very limited selection of samples or from photos.


CUSTOM DOORS, DRAWERS, COUNTER TOPS & STORAGE COMPONENTS ... Need a custom look, a non-standard and/or custom cabinet unit, custom range hood, island or built-in ... our 14,300 sq. ft. state-of-the-art cabinet manufacturing facility can custom make special door / drawer, cabinet unit, island or built-ins required for your project.

SELECT THE BEST LOOK FOR YOUR KITCHEN ... with suggestions from one of our Kitchen design professionals. Our Kitchen / Bath designers are professional with many years experience in kitchen / bath design, and functionality. As always, there is never a charge for design consultation.